Angel_3A colon cleansing is viewed as a natural way to improve your health as it removes unwanted toxins in the body. Food and various chemicals that the body is exposed to every day can build up and be harmful to the immune system. Colonic hydrotherapy claims to be able to lessen and prevent the chance that leftover toxins are absorbed by the intestines in the body and cause physical and neurological distress, says Discovery Health.

When you get a colon cleanse, an apparatus, or tube, is inserted inside the rectum while the tube is connected to a machine that is responsible for regulating the temperature and the speed of the filtered water used. Approximately 20 gallons of water will pass by the tube, slowly, into the colon as the body adapts to the filtered water. The toxins and fluids found inside the body are then removed through the use of a different tube and then dumped. Parasites may also be found in the toxins found from the colon cleansing.

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