Colonic Training Courses in NYC Offered at Fluid New York

Dr. Francis Gonzalez offers colonic training and instructional courses for individuals who desire to become certified colon hydrotherapists.  She is an I-ACT Certified Instructor, the highest level of certification offered by the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy.  Dr. Gonzalez trains all students on-site at her colonic clinic in Manhattan and provides all training materials and completion certificates.


Interested Candidates from Canada, Northeastern US, and International Destinations can Obtain Colon Hydrotherapy Training and I-ACT Certifications in New York.

I-ACT has four levels of certification:

  • Foundation Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level (highest level of Certification)
  • Instructor Level — for Advanced Level colon hydrotherapists who wish to train others in the field of colon hydrotherapy

I-ACT has established specific training requirements. To find how to be certified by I-ACT at each level of training, simply click the appropriate link:




For class schedules and training fees, please send an email to or call (212) 888-9116.


Safe Professional Colonics

A colonic or colon cleanse is an alternative medicine treatment designed to remove feces and other wastes and toxins from the intestinal tract and bowels. Colonics involve the introduction of water into the colon using water pressure to help flush out the system.

Advocates say that these cleanses help to remove bacteria and other unhealthy materials from our bodies, thereby helping restore the natural balance of our internal system. Read More


Colon Hydrotherapy Act: Your Legal Resource