Below please find some specific information regarding insurance coverage and FSA (flexible spending account) requirements for colonic prescriptions and prescriptions:

Clients who wish to obtain a prescription for colonics and/or colon hydrotherapy may request it from a medical doctor or D.O., specifying the following insurance CPT codes:

  • CPT  74283    Therapeutic Enema
  • CPT  97139c   Unlisted Therapeutic Procedure (Removal of Impaction)
  • CPT  45915     Removal of Fecal Impaction of Foreign Body
  • CPT  45999    Unlisted Procedure, Rectum or Anus

In addition to CPT codes, some health insurance plans and Flexible Spending Accounts may also require the following relevant ICD-9 Codes for colonic treatment coverage:


  • Bowel   560.30
  • Colon   560.30
  • Rectum   560.30
  • Fecal   560.39


  • Simple   564.00
  • Colon   564.01
  • Rectum   564.09
  • Fecal   564.10

The above insurance information are provided to facilitate the access and reimbursement for clients’ personal colonic hygiene.  Please check with your health insurer regarding flex-spending account policies for reimbursement of physician-prescribed colon hydrotherapy treatment.  As always, please consult your medical provider prior to making significant changes to your health practices.