The Mayo Clinic highlights some very specific risk factors regarding constipation in this article:

Many of them could be beyond your control – for instance, if you work in an office environment, your work is sedentary by nature, which increases your chances of constipation.  During your next visit, feel free to to ask me for ways of getting around all these obstacles in your daily life.


Some people resort to heavy use of laxatives to manage the situation.  Dr. Steven A. Dosh cautions that the chronic use of stimulant laxatives like cascara sagrada, senna, and aloe “may damage the enteric nervous system…”  Read:!


Colon hydrotherapy — when performed by a properly trained practitioner using FDA-registered class II equipment – and lifestyle changes have been found to be the most effective and safest ways of alleviating constipation and other ailments.  That is why I chose this profession and why I take care of you at Fluid Water Therapy.

Dr. Francis Gonzalez, ND

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