What can you do to detoxify your body after overeating?

I found this interesting article written by an Irish nutritional counselor and chef.   Among the most salient points:

“Human nature being what it is, we will no doubt have ‘overdone it’ at Christmas, promising ourselves to then be ‘good’ from the 1st of January or for what has become known as the ‘detox’ season…”

“…a successful ‘detox’ shows you that …we need the food we eat to satisfy in order for us to be happy and effective. Our bodies need the right nutrients to be able to operate at optimum capacity”

“Detox should be nourishing, gentle, sustaining, pampering and should ultimately start a journey of permanent change… all that really matters is just getting started and not how much you do or don’t do.”

“Why the need to detox? Our reliance on processed and convenience food has created eating habits that are having an increasingly negative effect on our bodies. The effect of this is two-fold, as we are not only eating foods that are damaging to our bodies such as trans-fats, but we are also losing out on the valuable nutrients our bodies need because we can only consume so many calories in one day.”

“Categorizing some foods as ‘good’ and some as ‘bad’ always results in the feeling that we are denying ourselves and missing out on something. So for me, the first and most important part of detox is the mindset before starting.  If you are including lots of nutrient rich foods for all your meals and snacks throughout the day, it hopefully won’t leave much room for anything else!”


Here are some suggestions that will help to detoxify your body and support changing eating habits:

  • Eat lots of food to populate your gut with healthy bacteria.
  • Eat something green with every meal, have salad with everything, sprinkle fresh herbs on top of all your food.
  • Eat more vegetable based meals. The digestive system has to work harder to digest meat, so give it a holiday a couple of times a week by eating main meals based on vegetables.

Ms. Dorcas Barry’s full article can be found at — http://www.thejournal.ie/readme/detox-healthy-eating-safe-diet-1231831-Dec2013/

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