During the past few years we have witnessed a growing “health kick” all around us, as evidenced by the number of juice bars, yoga studios, and many wellness-related concepts. For the most part, these locations have state-imposed standards and regulations by which they must abide.

We have also witnessed a growing awareness of the benefits of  colon hydrotherapy, and a corresponding increase in the number of facilities that offer colonics and other intestinal cleansing services. Colon hydrotherapy is a safe and effective method of removing waste from the large intestine without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. This therapy can be very beneficial to people without medical contraindications if conducted with FDA-registered equipment that ensures that the client’s health is not at risk.

Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of colonic providers in New York do not have safe systems. They often utilize “homemade” colonic devices that lack back-flow valves to prevent bacterial contamination from other patients’ fecal waste. These so-called “therapies” are being administered by personnel who either lack required training and/or rigorous certifications from trade associations that certify colon hydrotherapists, such as I-ACT, NBCHT and GPACT.  Not only are New Yorkers’ lives at risk due to unsanitary conditions, there are also hundreds of clients being scammed by unlicensed and untrained individuals who make unwarranted medical claims.

I believe that New Yorkers are entitled to receive the best and safest health services.  In the case of colon hydrotherapy, this is simply not the case in New York right now. This is an alarming health risk that I feel requires more serious media, public and regulatory scrutiny.

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Yours in health,

Dr. Francis Gonzalez



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