About Fluid


Fluid NYC provides professional, hygienic colonics … for the most effective colonic cleansing!

Fluid NYC is operated by Dr. Francis Gonzalez, an experienced colon hydrotherapist and colonic therapy Instructor with over 15 years of experience managing colonic centers in New York, Maryland, and the Caribbean.  Fluid NYC is the only colonic center in NYC utilizing the FDA-registered Angel of Water system, the most sophisticated colonic system available — to ensure the safety, effectiveness, and comfort during your colonic sessions.

Colonic therapists certified by I-ACT 

Dr. Gonzalez has performed over 40,000 colonic therapies and is a certified Colon Hydrotherapy Instructor, the most prestigious designation conferred by the International Association of Colon Therapists (www.i-act.org).  As a certified Instructor, Dr. Gonzalez has been entrusted by I-ACT to educate and oversee other colonic therapists.  In addition, Dr. Gonzalez is a naturopathic physician with a Doctor of Naturopathy degree from Clayton College of Natural Health.

Colonic cleansing and detoxification in NYC

At Fluid NYC you will always be able to consult any health-related issues with our certified colonic therapists.  Our focus is your entire wellness, not just your colonic experience. Call us at (212) 888-9116 to schedule an appointment.

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