Our Facilities

angel of water colon hydrotherapy equipment

Courtesy: Edwige Cabanetos

The most relaxing colonic experience in NYC

During your first visit to Fluid NYC, you’ll be asked to complete a health history form in our relaxing waiting room.  This information will help us address any pre-existing health issues and understand your health goals.

You’ll then be led to a private room where a certified colonic therapist will review your health information and explain the benefits of our FDA-registered colonic therapy system.

The colon hydrotherapist will also answer any questions regarding the colonic process and provide you privacy so that you may undress. After you position yourself comfortably in the colonic terminal, gravity-fed water will enter your colon via a disposable rectal nozzle.  This will initiate peristalsis, which will allow you to release fecal matter.


During your colonic session, you can watch a movie, listen to soothing music, or simply relax …


Watch a movie, listen to soothing music, or simply relax! At the end of the session, just remove the rectal nozzle and lean back to fully drain the colon. You can then rinse with a personal shower spray and towel dry before dressing.