Kelsey Osgood just published this book last month.  My professional colleague, Dr. Laura Pumillo at Nutrition for Every-Body had this to say about the book:

“Finally, a book about eating disorders that nails it! This is a book that everyone in the field needs to read–and it’s a page-turner. I recommend this book to anyone struggling with an eating disorder. Would also be very useful for the friends and family of a person with an eating disorder.”

The following book review appears in —

At fourteen, Kelsey Osgood became fascinated by the stories of women who starved themselves. She devoured their memoirs and magazine articles, committing the most salacious details of their cautionary tales to memory–how little they ate, their lowest weights, and their merciless exercise regimes–to learn what it would take to be the very best anorectic. When she was hospitalized for anorexia at fifteen, she found herself in an existential wormhole: how can one suffer from something one has actively sought out? Through her own decade-long battle with anorexia, which included three lengthy hospitalizations, Osgood harrowingly describes the haunting and competitive world of inpatient facilities populated with other adolescents, some as young as ten years old.

With attuned storytelling and unflinching introspection, Kelsey Osgood unpacks the modern myths of anorexia, examining the cult-like underbelly of eating disorders in the young, as she chronicles her own rehabilitation. How to Disappear Completely is a brave, candid and emotionally wrenching memoir that explores the physical, internal, and social ramifications of eating disorders and subverts many of the popularly held notions of the illness and, most hopefully, the path to recovery.

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Themes: starvation diets, anorexia hospitalization, battle with anorexia, which included three lengthy hospitalizations, Kelsey Osgood, adolescent anorexia, eating disorders in the young, anorexia rehabilitation, popular notions of eating disorders.