Don Goldberg and Arnie Gitomer are owner-pharmacists at Willner’s Chemists, one of New York’s finest supplements stores.  In their new digital book (excerpt is available at they provide excellent guidance on the importance of taking supplements.

Some interesting comments they make on the preface of the book:

  •    “In our opinion, the medical establishment became enamored with high-tech, high-powered solutions to many of the health problems facing us today and lost sight of the fact that more gentle, less toxic alternatives were available.”
  •   “…serious health problems are related to changes in our lifestyles and environment. We do not eat healthy food, we do not get enough exercise, and we are exposed to pollutants and toxins that did not exist in our grandparents’ time. We live longer, but not healthier.”
  •   “… nutritional supplements and herbal medicines …. can provide us with the healthy components of foods in quantities that might be difficult or impossible to get through diet alone. They also provide those natural agents that, when ingested at higher levels, exert therapeutic action with fewer side effects than more powerful, synthetic drugs.”