Alkaline Water

Our bodies absorb water through the colon. When you do not drinking enough water, your colon may resort to absorbing moisture from fecal matter to carry out critical bodily functions. This can produce hard stools along the intestinal tract, resulting in painful constipation.

It is critical that you drink sufficient water every day to maintain proper body functioning and thus reduce the risk of chronic constipation.  At Fluid New York, we recommend that you consume alkaline water – that is, water with a pH level above 7.0 – for enhanced hydration and health results.


Alkaline water improves hydration and health

Alkaline water PH

Alkalinity chart for water pH


Alkaline water provides important hydration and detoxification benefits

Cerra Alkaline Water’s state-of-the-art alkalizing technology provides unique health benefits:

Cerra Alkaline system

Cerra Alkaline system


  • Removes chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful bacteria and contaminants from regular tap water
  • Adds calcium, magnesium, and potassium to raise the water’s alkalinity to a pH level above 8.5
  • Adds over 18,000 healing biometric frequencies to the water




You can purchase a Cerra Alkaline Water pitcher and supplements in one of three ways:

  1. On-site at Fluid New York’s clinic (22 East 21st Street, Suite 6-R, NY, NY 10010)
  2. Calling us at (212) 888-9116 or email us at to place an order
  3. Ordering on-line from Cerra Alkaline Water by CLICKING HERE
State of the art manufacturing

State of the art Alkalizing pH system

Fluid New York is an authorized dealer and distributor of Cerra Alkaline Water.