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Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine without the use of drugs

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Colonics & colon hydrotherapy can help with constipation, weight loss, and body detox


At Fluid New York our foremost priority is your health. That is why we only use FDA-registered equipment and sterilized, disposable rectal nozzles for colonic therapy. In addition, we ensure the quality of our treatment by utilizing a sophisticated multi-stage water filtration system and double-UV light process that kills water-borne microorganisms.

Our Angel of Water colonic system provides the most comfortable and hygienic colon hydrotherapy experience available in New York

angel of water colon hydrotherapyWe are professional colonic therapists who work exclusively with the Angel of Water ® system.  Our colon hydrotherapy system provides a safe, comfortable, and hygienic colonic experience by ensuring that the water temperature is maintained between 99 and 103 degrees — the optimal range for effective intestinal cleansing.

Your colonic session will be conducted in a private, confidential and comfortable setting

During your first visit to Fluid, you will be asked to complete a health history form in our relaxing waiting room.  This information will help us determine any pre-existing health issues and understand your wellness goals.  After the health history form is completed, you will be led to a private room where a therapist will review your health information with you and explain how our colon hydrotherapy open system works. Read More

Our certified therapists provide on-going consultation regarding body detoxification, constipation relief, weight loss and proper nutrition

Fluid New York works hand in hand with you to understand your wellness goals. You will always be able to consult any health-related issues with our certified therapists.  Our focus is your entire wellness, not just your intestinal health. Plus, you’ll receive proper nutritional guidance and access to exclusive medical-grade supplements.


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