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Colon Hydrotherapy New York City


Fluid Water Therapy works hand in hand with you to understand your wellness goals. You will always be able to consult any health-related issues with our certified therapists. Our focus is your entire wellness, not just your intestinal health. Plus, you’ll receive proper nutritional guidance and access to exclusive medical-grade supplements.

At Fluid Water Therapy our foremost priority is your health. That is why we only use FDA-registered equipment and sterilized, disposable rectal nozzles during our colon hydrotherapy sessions. In addition, we ensure the quality of the water that goes into our clients’ system by utilizing a sophisticated multi-stage water filtration system and double-UV light process that kills water-borne microorganisms.

Angel of Water Surround ® Colon Hydrotherapy NYC

angel of water colon hydrotherapyFluid Water Therapy is a member of a select group of professional therapists who offer the state-of-the art Angel of Water Surround ® Colon Hydrotherapy system (“AWS”). The AWS provides a safe, comfortable, and hygienic colonic irrigation experience. Angel of Water Surround mixing valve ensures that the water temperature is maintained between 99 and 103 degrees Fahrenheit — the optimal range for effective intestinal cleansing.

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